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Normal Topic Messi finally breaks Buffon’s goal (Read 58 times)
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Messi finally breaks Buffon’s goal
Sep 13th, 2017 at 6:07am
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Messi in Barcelona's famous works, is the year when the game against Juventus, fifa 18 coins when he used sharp break to Juventus players suspected of life. But Messi had a big regret, that is, never break the Buffon's fingers off. Tonight, Messi finally unlocked new achievements. The face of the total attack adults, Messi not only into the ball, and one is two!
The first half of the placid, Juve overall defense done very well, the game will see 0-0 into the intermission. At this time, Messi in the silent listening to thunder. With Suarez in the wall with the match, Messi in the restricted area on the left side of the left foot strong low shot. The ball through the Benetian crotch, close to the far post into the corner. To Buffon's ability, but also did not make any response to the ball.

"Marca" pointed out that Messi was in the Buffon zero closed for 315 minutes, and finally knocked the Italian door god of the ten fingers off. fifa coins  In the official game, Messi and Buffon actually only confrontation three times. In the Champions League final in 2015, Barcelona 3 to 1 win to win, but Messi failed to score. In the last season, the Champions League 1/4 final round two rounds, Barcelona are Buffon zero closure. Now, Messi finally smashed the curse.
Messi's second goal, also called the iconic. After receiving the Iniesta pass, Messi continuous insider, he used the fast pace and precise change, and instantly throw Sandro and Benitaia. In the face of Buffon, Messi this time still vigorously volley far corner. This time Buffon had to respond, but the Italian door god was completely wrong direction.  So far this season, Messi has scored eight goals. In the West cup, Messi two round into a penalty. In the league, Messi scored five goals in five rounds. Tonight, Messi again in front of Buffon scored twice. By Messi humiliated Buffon, but also on the fleas feel completely worship. At the end of the game, Buffon came to Messi in front of him, and he congratulated Messi and came a warm hug with the flea.

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